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Download IMVU: 3D Avatar MOD APK Unlimited Credits

Download IMVU Mod Apk [100% Working] Unlimited Free Credits and Money:

IMVU mod Apk:

The Imvu mod apk is 100% working for both android and ios devices with 100% free unlimited credit. You don’t need to spend any money to get this credit. It is totally free of cost. By this credit, you can modernize or customize your avatars in accordance with your own choice.

 Download IMVU: 3D Avatar MOD APK Unlimited Credits :

IMVU mod apk is an of choice based games that is a collection of episodic story. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The game comprises of many different stories and each story is split into different IMVU. Moreover, each story depends on different characters.

This game is offered by IMVU,Inc. It is a 3D avatar based game with social experience. IMVU mod apk consists of the largest 3D world in which you can customize your look. Meet new people, chat with friends or unknown people.

The game imvu mod apk is quite majestic as every story is recast according to the choices a player. It is totally upon the player’s choices that which kinds of a story they like to play.

The game imvu mod apk is very famous and has 57,000 different stories for the players to play. This game also has a record of 6 million players that are registered, who have viewed over 3 billion IMVU so far. Each of these stats shown above is an achievement of the game in itself.

imvu mod apk

IMVU mod apk -Meet people in 3D:

Express yourself in imvu mod apk:

  • Customize your avatar with the largest catalog of digital goods in the world.
  • Be the person you want to be in this captivating 3D world.
  • More than 2 million digital assets – clothing, pets, music and much more.

 you will receive 1,500 or 2,500 credits your name will be followed by a Guest_

Use your credits wisely from the beginning in imvu mod apk:

 Do not buy accessories or similar things because your head and body are the most important. New users are easy to locate by the head and skin that IMVU assigns by default. If you need a good head or skin, try looking at the DOC (daily dress challenge). They have many users whose AVIs look better than the ones they had by default. Then, you can try on your clothes and other things and keep them on your wish list.

Earn credits by clicking “yes” on the message tab when you sign up:

 You will get 500 credits. Confirm your account and you will have 2000. When you download IMVU mod apk and you will earn more credit and they give you a tour. Accept the tour to earn more credits. Credits are money that helps you buy things that you like such as clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. You can also give everything to another person as a gift. Another way to earn credits is to create two accounts and send your self-gifts from the secondary to the main account.

 you will receive 1,500 or 2,500 credits your name will be followed by a Guest_

Make some friends in imvu mod apk to get unlimited credit:

 This is a good idea (unless you do not like people) because they can give you gifts. It is fun to receive gifts from friends because everyone, usually, is without money or give their credits to other people to customize their avatars that are, in general, expensive. You will meet hateful people and bad people, but you can not please everyone, just block them.

If you want to get unlimited credit then you have to download imvu mod apk from given links. By getting an unlimited credit you would have unlocked all that is in the home (for unlocked it must be clicked on). You have a shop (with 100 or 200 or even 20 credits you cannot buy anything).

You have a profile in which you will set a status that could be single, couple etc. There are avatars on their profiles you will see VIP AP or AP only or VIP only. You also have a private room you can set it up according to your choices. You also have a pet you can feed him and earned free credits.
AP means Access Pass that means that you can undress your avatar. When you are VIP you could offer gifts to your friends.

Credit cards in imvu mod apk:

There are $ 10, $ 15, $ 20, $ 25 and $ 50 cards. Usually, you will be rewarded with other things for buying these cards. Once you buy the card, do not scrape it until you have obtained your account, then redeem the code. It is also recommended that you send an email and they will surely accept it.

Get inspiration from others: imvu mod apk

 If you have seen the profile or the photos of other people and these are incredible, it is because their AVI photos were edited, their profiles are DIV designs, etc.

IMVU  mod apk is a source of communication. The avatars of IMVU  mod apk can look better without a doubt. Always remember to be yourself. Ignore all those obnoxious people who call you “newbie”, probably they were newbies (that’s why they call you that). Remember that there are no “novices”, only new people with tastes different from those of the other members who are in IMVU for longer.

You represent yourself, do what you want to do. IMVU mod apk is a fantasy universe where you can be anyone, do not let annoying ignorant destroy your IMVU experience. Be yourself and you’re fine. Have fun in IMVU mod apk.

Download IMVU Mod Apk [100% Working] Unlimited Free Credits and Money

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